Open Enrollment

Per Iowa Code 282.18 open enrolling is a process that allows parents/guardians residing in an Iowa school district the option of enrolling their children into another Iowa school district.  There are two deadlines (March 1 and September 1) that must be kept in mind when considering applying for open enrollment.

  • March 1:  Deadline for regular open enrollment applications for the upcoming school year.  There may be exceptions to the March 1st deadline which are applications based on "good cause".

  • September 1:  Deadline for prospective kindergarten students.

Open enrollment is currently open for all grades K-12.  The Board of Education will continue to evaluate annual open enrollment policies.  Open enrollment into the district is governed by:

Open Enrollment Application

Iowa Code 282.18

501.15 Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Sending District

501.16 Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Receiving District


For more information:

To obtain an open enrollment handbook, application, or for more information, please refer to the Iowa Department of Education website.